Letter to Pnoy

August 25, 2014

Mr Benigno Simeon Cojuangco Aquino 3rd

Dear Mr Aquino:

Today, sir, you belittled the supposed show of force at the Luneta. It is two days shy of the day the Quirino Grandstand hostage crisis happened on that same day four years ago, the first enduring hallmark of your inadequacy and lunacy as a supposed leader and father of this country. Your groupies could not help themselves. They showed happy faces too in celebration of a huge victory. You and your subordinates gloated over your claim of only 5,000 attendees at Luneta Park (actually nearly 15,000-20,000 or maybe even more - it was just the thunderstorms dumb, dumb), you berated the people that attended the protest at the Luneta by calling them fake critics, fake reformists, pseudo-reformists in a somber statement to the press, but secretly you are laughing like a hyena, body liquids spewing out of your lips. (Mama Cory say: Son, did you brush your teeth today like I always used to remind you?) Photo above right source: GMA network

They were a measly bunch, to be sure, but these people are your boss. You said so yourself. Being your boss, you have no right to call their effort to bring change or at least a semblance of it as fake. Why are you laughing, preening in your peacock cape when it is because of hyper spending by the thieving majority party with you as their chief spender that many people are suffering? Why should you laugh when hunger visits the land like never before - it was due to your own doing and undoing, together with that of your subordinate trolls that every cute imported branded meat, utensil, snack, packed rice and other items made our fellow men hungry during disaster and even in peace time outside of disaster.

And the money donated for victims, oh the money. Are they really going to the right fellows? Not likely, from the way too many are complaining.

You by all rights ought to be ashamed of what you've been doing to your boss. In the first place, it is now established that you didn't even win in the 2010 elections but was merely placed there through fraud and manipulation. 

Aren't you even the least bit embarrassed nay, ashamed that you are duh - fake leader

Of course, such thoughts do not even enter your consciousness, except when your psyche is malingering and reaching out into places, faces and subjects that ordinarily you could never even venture to imagine.

When the so-called powerful cabal of black banksters, guelphs, devil-worshippers deemed it to their advantage to place you, someone whom they would have no problem in tossing around like a stupid play ball, suddenly someone with the worst psychological profile and completely unfit brain was in a very sensitive situation in the Palace that was a total shock. But then the greedy have God to thank for that and like flies and vultures they swarmed upon the Palace allowing none to penetrate the cordon. Only the few KKK are in leader's and sister hoods' favor. The rest of humanity in this country are outside the kulambo

You and your vice president plus families are exulting everywhere you go with differing agenda. You've both had your fill. No mind all that critique, pure bull, pure crap. You are now very much made, including the old Marcos bequeathed riches to Uncle Danding, the unpaid loans to Marcos of the oligarchs (Ortigas, Lopezes, Ayalas et al) upon which your family is now collecting and all the other money sources aside from the stolen funds from our government. 

However, would that have been the same way your own father Sen. Benigno S. Aquino Jr. had acted? Perhaps, maybe so. In the happier times (of course that is somewhat relative), the Senator had a group assigned to him from his Upsilon brod's stable. They were called the 12 apostles - of whom no one except those among themselves was very much known and their association had never been much subject of media.

They never perceived this kind of ruthlessness, cold-blooded nature in the man. Sure, they were wary of the asong-dugo stigma, they never forgot to mention that every now and then, but not the kind of monstrosity that you are showing. This is the subject of another story I'll write about.

At the end of the day, allow me to tell you that I am writing this letter to let you know that the plan you hatched together with your bootlicking and asslicking rabid dogs, of becoming president again from 2016 henceforth, changing the constitution as if it were a mere scrap of garbage spelled with lower case c at the beginning, is a master stroke of your spin doctor(s) and all your ugly minds (and may I most cordially add, ugly faces too.)

In this sense, you are really putting the big, big money you have under your control in very effective use.

Congratulations Mr. Aquino, you just won your big ticket to another wave of superstardom in the telly novelas and the cinema. You are now in the same league as Ms. Nora Aunor, a superstar in her own right and fitting national artist.

Without batting an eyelash, aside from being in the same class, you two do look so very much alike especially so in full colour.

Good luck to you and your groupies. Your lack of any sense of shame, guilt or regret, will allow you to scale the heights of grand thievery, surpassing the most adulated, most notorious burglars, robbers, criminals in the annals of world history.

Now it becomes clear as mud as ever can be. When you said, Mr. Aquino sir that: "Kayo ang boss ko" I now know deep in my heart that to lead this country was never part of your design.

Over a period of 6 years, at an average of 1.8 - 2 Trillions Philippine Pesos, you and your group will be playing with 10.8 up to 12 Trillions Philippine Pesos. Since unbeknownst to your boss, your family alone demands 20 full reasons for appointment to any consequential post in your regime, that translates to way above more than 2 Trillions Philippine Pesos or over Fifty Billion United States Dollars.

That is more than enough to commend your spirit to a higher pedestal than the one reached by Messrs. Henry Sy, Lucio Tan, Jaime Zobel Ayala etc. combined in the Forbes List. Way to go Mr. Aquino sir! Blasted damned good sinister scheme!

When you launched your campaign for transparency, accountability, the so-so Messianic fulfillment of the people's aspirations to end graft and corruption in this country, it was a ploy from the beginning to cover-up your criminal goals, plans, projections, targets, acts against the people. For quite some time, a shadow government in waiting was being manned by your mother's allies the Lesbica Cosa Nostra that is networked with Ms. Loida Nicolas Lewis in the U.S., at the Ortigas Center; when the madam died, you were suddenly the surprise dark horse, particularly with Ms. Lewis being near to the good ear for whispering of POTUS H.E. B O, among others. And of course, the guelphs of some coastal place in Italy, that propelled Barack to the same post of which one branch you sir will be in line to be a member of, once you get ahold if gradually, the 50 Billions United States Dollars worth of skim from the coffers of the people's money in the Philippines.

If indeed you succeed in getting that second term, the 10.8 to 12 Trillions Philippine Pesos becomes 21.6 or 24 Trillions Philippine Pesos. That's a lot of moolah my good sir. Enough to give you too many sleepless nights, notwithstanding your present mental ailment already.

The Fifty Billion United States Dollars becomes One Hundred Billion United States Dollars. Imagine if these were subjected to placement in the interbank system. Dios mio really, sir. Filthy fucking rich you'll become - enough to put up the Pnoy Tower - a skyscraper in your name that will rival Burj Khalifa in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, the KVLY-TV mast in North Dakota, USA, Poland's Warsaw radio mast, the CN Tower in Toronto, Canada, Petronius Platform, the Troll A platform, the Magnolia Tension-leg Platform in the Gulf of Mexico, or Taipei 101 in Taipei, Taiwan, or the Shanghai World Financial Center and finally the Willis Tower (formerly Sears Tower) . Now that's really matuwid.


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