Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Perilous Jobs

The position of certain persons even in legitimate organizations or agencies of the private sector, government, church and sectoral groups, sad to say are dangerous.
Dangerous, in these times, until they come to grips with the realpolitik of their membership in both aboveground or underground organizations.

In this day and age when all attention is riveted towards the menace of terrorism, certain organizations and their methods become paramount in the minds of those who prepare the orders of battle in the military, the police, the country's prime investigateive agencies and the nation's front lines of defense, namely: customs, immigration, border security and organs that safeguard the country from economic, environmental and other forms of sabotage.

Thus groups like the Communist Party of the Philippines, that has links with as many terrorist organizations from Asean to the Middle East, to Europe and Africa, as well as the Moro National Liberation Front that has strong links with the Juma'a Abbu Sayyap and the multitudinous breakaway groups of both organizations and their officers and members, would be the first to become the subjects in the order of battle. 

The ultra-rightist threat groups that have recently shown they cooperated with the Communist Party of the Philippines will necessarily also be part of the order of battle. 

Needless to mention, those teetering at the edges of these points in the political spectrum, who are also actively networking with the ultra-left and ultra-right, might also find themselves in the order of battle, regardless if in the past they have opportunistically agreed to be the songbirds either of Isafp or Nica chiefs, as in the case purportedly, of Ms. Corazon Soliman and her husband, Hector -- during the time of Mrs. Corazon Aquino in Malacañang. 

Such is the misfortune of certain jobs held by members of the several and various organizations now fiddling with terrorism. 

It is not of course the jobs that imperil the lives of these persons who are tinkering with dangerous plots. But in the propaganda mills, it sounds like indeed the jobs are truly dangerous and full of hazards. 

What is it really like to be part of the Inquirer News Service, for instance and be a member of the Communist Party? 

What is it to be a junior level executive of ABS CBN and to be also another member of the Communist Party, for short also known as CPP?

What is actually perilous in being part of a Sectoral Party that competes in Philipine elections, but to be an adjunct of a Special Committee for Parliamentary Struggle of the Communist Party?

What does it pay to be a simple employee or an engineer and on the other hand, to be a propagandist of the MAGDALO-TAONG BAYAN AT KAWAL?

What is it to be a leader of a daily news organization and to be a lead propaganda arm of the overthrow GMA movement, as well as be part of a coup plotters' group?

What is it to be simple leaders of NGOs and be secret accomplices of bombers-terrorists calling themselves MAGDALO-TAONG BAYAN AT KAWAL (also referred to as TABAK)?

What is it to be a call center employee and be the contact of Muslim Terrorists being aided by CPP?

Finally, what is it to be a businessman, big or small, or a politician - neophyte or seasoned - but to be the funder of the CPP and a follower of Be Not Afraid Movement, that is also said to be behind MAGDALO and TABAK, and several other groups like Kaakbay, Pilipinismo, and has been supplying logistics for a group called Black and White Movement, Citizens Congress for Truth, etc.?

Again, there is really nothing wrong with the job.

It is simply the black propaganda at work. The enemies of the state have gotten so low, that in purveying the lies about the country's sliding to Martial Law (with them making provocation after provocation), and all such other crappy campaigns, they have assailed the very sanctity of the simple stations of citizens meant for earning a decent living.

They have also introduced the community organizers' adversarial and confrontational tactics of pambabastos or euphemistically known as pressure tactics against "targets" in the hallowed halls of Congress and the Senate.

The recent example is the supposedly silent waving of white envelopes. The anti-Arroyo groups claim, it is the easiest way of getting rid of pro-administration Reps in the Session Hall. Good humor, that, but very sick indeed.

In the coming days, there will be more antics by the enemies of the state.

Many of them below the belt. It is obviously the very essence of demonization, disinformation, destabilization and fostering of discontent-demoralization.

The problem, is that they have introduced too much pollutants into the political atmosphere that they have truly made their very own jobs hazardous.

As in the wise, old men's saying in this country:

Pag marami ka nang inaagrabyado, sumisikip na ang mundo mo.

Amen to that.