Monday, July 25, 2005

Philippine communists raid blog world

Philippine communists raid blog world

now the time has come for some to gather alagads, kampons, especiales (officials, didn't you know) and hold your breath: to make them open blogs, seminar them on RSS, CSS, posts-its, whatever. (we happen to be a dumb-dumb myself on all those stuff.)

why now? why belatedly? i presume, that is part of a grand design. all i can see in these new blogs are about writers aco, photographico aco, masscom aco, studente aco, may labs aco, and then follows reveliyon, jeriliya, raliye, fangit ang fangulo, duckling ang fresedente, mob (apparently mobilization, in the streets, where else?), gory pictures of raliyes, reporters dao of world newspapers asking why violenza in the Philippine, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera.

i believe, following and coming soon are the bro. idi (not the african slaughterer, mind you that our friend of a.i.m. and philstar fame wanted to become at one time -- does his wife know?:)) and similar blogs. bro. idi's son, bro. imam "billy" joel villa nuevo might also be a famous blogger one of these days.

ms. dinky, cory aquino, and all the rest of the black and white skirted movement advocates began the practice a little while back and now their hardline communist counterparts are also into it too.

to what end? suspicious aco, well, what will i think anyway? plus, i've always had that suspicious streak.

one of them had the nerve to say to an associate of ours covering the lefty beat: are you sure you have a diario? why is it not on the newstands? (he hadn't heard of internet then.) that same idiot who is a hardcore and fast-rising star member of the communist party, goes by the handle of tonyo, even served as the very media director of bro. idi in the 2004 elections. fortunately for tonyo, his party list organizations won. his own candidate, bro. idi, miserably lost and has kept conducting hate campaigns against the government ever since. what a stupid pastor pastoran! pwe!

without doubt, these people discovered the power of the internet only belatedly, that is why the rush. now they're evidently trying to fill the space on the net with ideological grunting, so it appears like an undisguised supersaturation campaign.

i wonder: with the paranoia hitting places like the u.s., canada, australia and similar countries, knowing that the communist party of the philippines, new people's army and the national democratic front are all part of that label 'foreign terrorist organization', will these saturaters hitting it all over the blog world be allowed to sustain their campaign? i really can't say.

well, now, they need to turn to their new found allies in the united states embassy who have been granting u.s. visas to the enemies of the philipine government as well as to suspected drug lords, criminal elements, etc. and cancelling visas of those that are identified with the current regime.

so now its heyday for the Philippine communists on the blog. good for them, but sadly, we will all be sorry for them if one day, their blogs will suddenly bring them into getting the meanest viruses, microbes, hardware wrecking programs, courtesy of enemies they had created on their own.

i guess it is best, they leave the real bloggers and the blog world alone and do their saturation propaganda campaigns elsewhere.