Thursday, September 29, 2005

The Quintessential Idiots

The Senate as
"Slaughterhouse of the Philippines"

Hello! Good day to all of you!

Congress miserably failed in its mission to fully destabilize the country; create the triggering factor for a coup d' etat cum people power exercise.

Now, dear friends, ladies and gentlemen, it is the Senate of the Philippines that had been scheduled by the purveyors of destabilization to become the new Slaughterhouse of the Philippines. The sinister and devilish forces of destabilization and demonization will now continuously discredit the government, disinform the public, try as much as it can to create the conditions for a stalemate with the executive.

The executive branch answers back with a stern reply: executive order prohibiting the attendance of executive branch officers and men (and women) in any executions, killings, lying on the chopping block at the Slaughterhouse of the Philippines.

BGen Gudani who was a volunteer at the Slaughterhouse of the Philippines (he was also a volunteer plotter in 2004 of a coup d'etat in the making, perhaps convinced that the Marines can take over the country), was chastised by the executive. His own brother officers in the armed forces censured his "very brave" showing at Slaughterhouse of the Philippines.

BGen Gudani seemed to have forgotten the two penultimate pillars of disciplined military life and everyday behavior:

۩ Guidance 
۩ Clearance

Gudani probably was looking at many, many millions of reasons in front of him to forget about these two icons of military life. He even turned his back on his pension. His wife of course is a businesswoman, is possibly rich beyond the imagination of ordinary general's wives. Obedience to the Commander in Chief is paramount if we follow the dictum of the two important pillars.

However, the people at the Slaughterhouse of the Philippines have been harping on the Commander in Chief. Even Biazon The Goat, the coward ex-NCRDC commander who wet his pants when he was asked to lie face down upon his capture during the 1989 coup, is vehemently mad at the executive! Panfilo Lacson the sissy is howling in the wind. The usual bakla retorts. Hu!

The idiots who are running the filthy and dirty abbatoir are so foolish enough not to respect the sense of discipline in the sector that defends this country whenever there are threats to all our lives and safety of our prized belongings.

Stupid. Really stupid.

Would it not be better for the country to take them all down for good?