Tuesday, August 26, 2014

A Fake Jewel Will Reveal Its True Color

What my jeweller grandpa used to tell me will always be true, no matter what: Anything fake, whether it be jewel, or other things, will reveal its true colors from exposure to the elements. Nothing fake will ever last.
Even presidents or vice presidents and that is the real sad and painful truth.
- Guerrier's Critique

Phone conversation between one 32nd degree Mason in the Philippines with another brother Mason based  overseas in May 11, 2010:

RP: "Bro, what happened? Why did the results come up with Aquino? Binay? They were not the real leading contenders said our bros in the commission and all our sources in the field."

Overseas: "Bro, do not make any moves. What the higher ups say is that there was really a determined and final decision for clear intervention otherwise Aquino will not be the winner. Do not do anything. The higher ups warned that these people are extremely dangerous. They are willing to do anything for unsavory ends and selfish goals. Especially FreeMasons who will oppose them will be the worst hit." For your own sake there, you all accept it. That stupid miserable affair will all come to pass"

We all know that long ago, the spell over the country had been broken. It was revealed that the Mindanao and other raison d' etre of foreign powers to dictate the events and circumstances in our politics and state affairs was the compelling backbone for manipulating Philippine elections to make it appear that nonoy akino the 3rd won the elections in 2010.

No matter what kind of magic the powers behind the scenes worked out, it would come out in the open that they intervened and suppressed the rights of the ordinary voter by allowing large scale fraud to produce a fake president.

Because the outcome was not and will never be desirable, installing by force, money and electronic manipulation an abnormal child in the body of a man in the highest post in even the poorest country in the world, 

People have completely lost faith or any semblance of trust and hope in the Aquino regime. Being unpopular the chosen strategy of the regime's spin doctors is Offense is the best defense. See more from here.

When fakes are exposed in time:

Risks of being fake

Dangers of feeling like a fake
Fake pastor exposed
AIDS, HIV - fear of exposure
Be authentic, don't be fake
Being afraid of not being authentic
Thou shall not fear being exposed

Monday, August 25, 2014

We will overcome!

From: Power of the People for Change

The people are tired of living under the very dark aegis of the current regime. It appears as though a cloud of evil enveloped the country.

From the onset, weird things were happening under the disguise of "reviewing contracts," therefore there was a complete cessation of public spending. No projects were being started or continued, everything came to a halt. Other rationalizations came in the form of: "We have no money, the previous administration spent it all, and advanced budget allocations ahead of time..." and so on and so forth. But nobody believes this canard. Because it started to show in the burgeoning national budget despite that there was no spending being made.

The funds for mysterious utilizations like the dole-outs called conditional cash tranfers or CCT, Disbursement Acceleration Program - DAP, among many other diabolically ingenious money-grubbing schemes by the national leadership, ballooned into mind-boggling size that the hunger for money of these creatures becomes clearly, shockingly unbelievable.

Where do they get the gumption and gutzpah to engineer such thievery of the people's money? It cannot be because of telephone and mobile cellular conversations with pastors, Cardinals nor the Pope himself. Because such horrific, sinister schemes speak only of the work of the darkest elements and the malevolent so-called laman-lupa.To make it worse much further, this administration was not only lazy, it was insane. The regime was both psychologically and somatically impaired. The disease it suffered was incurable, irreparable.

When everyone noticed that Malacañang was never holding any Cabinet Meetings at all (inpossible for any administration anywhere in the world - but the minions were all in agreement and enjoyed traipsing and gathering money all over town) it pretended to hold such meetings. Yet no meetings took place. The supposed leader dictated terms of endearment on how to tastefully, very slowly kill the regime's enemies. The great idiotic leader cajoled them into filing cases before the artificial pretend cabinet meetings. When the pretend meetings came, he cajoled them further, over and over again like a decrepit record player - but this one spewed saliva all around.

This filing of cases - even one against Philippine and World Champion boxer Manny Pacquiao was all part of a masquerade borne of a depraved and diabolic mind.However, it will be near to impossible for these cold hearted and dark spirited creatures to win in any situation, for always crime does not pay.

The rule of law always prevails. Even in the situation of powerful banksters ruling the global economy, where they hold sway over all of us small people - the citizens of the world - the tides are already shifting. Soon as not, these fiendish ogres will ultimately get what they deserve: the wrath of the People.

No matter how heinous and nefarious the capability of these wicked few in society now lording it over the public coffers and wielding power over the seemingly helpless Philippine society and people, they cannot triumph.

Even the Secretary General of the United Nations himself was shamed into visiting Tacloban City after all the members of the world community of nations admitted to the fact that the entire league of governments, including that of Aquino's quisling regime have failed a small chartered city in Eastern Visayas and embarrased itself in the bar of international public opinion.

Whatever the U.N. will say to the contrary, if ever, has no use, because the entire world population has spoken: everyone, to the exception of no one, failed the victims of Yolanda. And after all, Mr. Ban Ki Moon like Aquino, is not perfect and absolutely as adequate as unselfish saints and prophets and will not attempt to rationalize the situation nor draw flak any further than he already has.

So now we go into the scenario where we have all been lied to with thorough impunity from the Quirino Grandstand fiasco, to the Zamboanga Siege, the Malaysia farce invasion engineered behind the scenes, and all the other violent, harmful conundrum that the pitiful country has been drawn into by these tyrant monsters.

The situation is thus:

Someone is painfully doing everything very hard to delete a sin in his heart kept for a long time, diluted by substances and chemicals known and unknown, all the sudden staring into empty space, all the impulse to be alone to smoke and smoke and shoot with guns. But the sin will not go away. Instead the sinner will have to go somewhere and leave the place where he does not deserve to be at all.

It has something to do with the death of a very young female inside a car that was caught during a running gun battle between soldiers from the Reform the Armed Forces Movement involved in a coup d' etat in the late 1980s and those defending the government. Her date promised her a "Joy Ride". It was a Joy Ride that led straight to hell.

That animal will die someday but this time, that animal has to go and fast. The country never ever had a need for an abnormal creature in that post. Mr. Ricky Monfort shared this article (which is mine, by the way but I can't reclaim my old blog that I shared with "dad"):

The vaunted Dinner in NY pales in comparison with the "Boston Flower Arrangement"

Before and during the wake and funeral of the late Madam Corazon Cojuangco AQUINO CORY, it was bruited about that the Filipinos lost a mother, a woman of integrity, an icon, etcetera.

It was said that the death of the late Madam Corazon Cojuangco AQUINO CORY was a great loss to the Filipino nation but it was also an opportunity to use her well talked about popularity to kick out GMA from the presidency, among other possibilities. See the rest of the article here.

Its not true that the guy wants to be President once more after six years. There is no more time left for the guy. He caused the death of an innocent young female and this West Point Academy graduate officer of the Philippine Army, Armed Forces of the Philippines to lose his legs. Even the West Point of the US itself and the parents of and the victim Army officer themselves, are forbidden up to this day to expose the real culprit of that incident where one life was to be sacrificed just because of an insane date in the middle of gun battles raging and a gentleman from West Point Military Academy had to lose his legs. That culprit has to go. If this is not one of the greatest reasons we can never solve in the Philippines, graft, corruption, lying in the face of the public such as a psychologically impaired broadcaster who killed his wife and is instead not restrained from gallivanting freely about and showing his face shamelessly over national television, no other will suffice. It is truly high time for the Pinoy people to take real action. Article Source: The omnibus blog.

So the lying, warmonger beasts believe they can get away with what they are heaping upon the Philippine public, including to some extent those that are living overseas. But that will no longer continue. The sleeping dragon awakened. Now, the balance is tipped. The greater weight in the scales of Lady Justice is now on the side of the hitherto constantly duped, fooled and bamboozled public.

From the time of the ascendancy of the forcibly installed ruthless regime up to this time, the dragon might have taken its sweet time to sleep but its waking time. And the reptile is poised to strike at the visible and known enemy. The signs are in the air as they had always been, as the writing on the wall says it will:

The criminals have the Heavens to thank that the Guillotine has been banned from use. But then again, with an awakened world movement against corruption, they will have nowhere to run nor hide. But for the dragon, the catch is, to make something like this stupendous and grand-scale chicanery never happen again, especially to the blessed Filipino people.

The criminals are well-advised, surrender, embrace jail or just plain succumb to suicide. Crime perpetrators, your ball.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

The Stupid Weather

I hate the weather. It's too finicky, too presumptuous, too irrational, too unscientific for my tastes. I studied hard sciences. The way the weather acts, hmmm, beats me!

It doesn't follow the forecasts of Miss Tessie T's Pag-A-Sa-Ah!

It defies even Malacañang by drowning it in flood. Thank God there is LRT and MRT. The Madame by the Pasig waded in the waters and rode those coaches to far away land before the rushing tides got to her.

What is it with this Ondoy anyway? The Pag-A-Sa-Ah was saying, Ladies and Gentlemen, lapis and fountain pen, Signal Number 1.

But this weather was raining cats and dogs, and elephants and whales, Signal Number 1 my ass!!! People were already stranded and cursing God and Government or vice versa, Pag-A-Sa-Ah still kept saying Signal Number 1.

Maybe the damned weather stumped them. Fixed them on 1 and they could no longer think beyond that. And they keep on asking, where is the equipment? where is the equipment? Secretary, where is the equipment? Madame President, where is the equipment?

Where are the replacement parts? Sec, where are the replacement parts? Ma'am, where are the replacement parts? Por Diyos! Por Santo!!! Carajo!!!

Even as a scientist, I would not factor out the social component in the equation. That is what firemen do. They always think in terms of conflagrations. Number of residences or buildings affected and subsequently, the corresponding number of fire stations that are called upon to put out the fire.

Yes, it's a judgement call. But it appears therefore, that only the firemen are able to think clearly in case something like Ondoy, or in the near future, Hurricane Katrina, will befall Metro Manila or entire islands like Visayas and Mindanao?

How stupid is the weather.

It either means that this country does not have any response capability whatsoever or nobody wants to respond to any kind of simple raining where Pag-A-Sa-Ah is singing



I'm singing in the rain (Signal Number 1)
Just singing in the rain (Signal Number 1)
What a glorious feelin'
I'm happy again (Signal Number 1)
I'm laughing at clouds (Signal Number 1)
So dark up above (Signal Number 1)
The sun's in my heart
And I'm ready for love (Signal Number 1)
Let the stormy clouds chase (Signal Number 1)
Everyone from the place (Signal Number 1)
Come on with the rain
I've a smile on my face (Signal Number 1)
I walk down the lane
With a happy refrain
Just singin',
Singin' in the rain (Signal Number 1)

Dancin' in the rain (Signal Number 1)
Dee-ah dee-ah dee-ah
Dee-ah dee-ah dee-ah
I'm happy again!
I'm singin' and dancin' in the rain! (Signal Number 1)

I'm dancin' and singin' in the rain... (Signal Number 1)
Why am I smiling (Signal Number 1)
And why do I sing? (Signal Number 1)
Why does September (Signal Number 1)
Seem sunny as spring? (Signal Number 1)
Why do I get up
Each morning and start?
Happy and head up
With joy in my heart
Why is each new task
A trifle to do?
Because I am living
A life full of you.
(Signaaaaaaal Nummbeeeerrrrrrr...... 1!)

And so it goes, that I am not happy with the weather.

It's utterly stupid, an idiot, moronic and can't tell where it must go.

In life, it has no direction whatsoever.

I wish I could not say the same of Pag-A-Sa-Ah and that malas na pangalang ahensiya: National Disaster Coordinating Council (Hindi Sisi). Of course.

If we don't have a good forecasting system, no response capability, yet we boast of a so-called public warning system, sh___t! How odd is that?

When a Katrina type holocaust comes, will we then just keep singing the chorus line song or must we not act now and keep our people at peace?

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Noynoy and Mar

The height of opportunism

I truly wonder what is it that these people keep saying, to sustain the battle they won against tyranny?

Won against whom? Marcos? It’s a lie. The country in the Edsa 1 exercise indeed won, but from being taken over by communists.

Now they’re running their horse to race in the 2010 derby. Without the people behind them. Without any backing or support. Without a solid machinery. Only with a few so-called protest-protest rally-rally demo-demo style of campaign to boast of. And they cannot even muster a good crowd. Only with bad words on teevee or in newspapers. And they don’t even have a decent audience or readership. People get tired of being told shit everytime, day in and day out. Also business doesn’t like shit in the air. And workers mostly so, because who needs shit in their hapag kainan? Por Dios por Santo!!!

The people of the late Cory are fucking insane. And now they’re making it look like the Erap boys and girls, everybody else, is jumping into their bandwagon. No fucking way!

That would be the height of stupidity. True, we are really against the Cory gang winning in the 2010 elections, but not without a basis.

When Johnny Ponce Enrile and the late Pres. Ferdie Marcos decided that the ascent of the communists and socialists together with the avowed centrists to government during the 1985-1986 highly volatile political environment was imminent, due to the defiance of some Marcos Loyalists, opportunists in Malacañang like Gen. Fabian C. Ver and his minions, the subterfuge of a strong faction in the United States Government, they decided to launch a plan to take over the insipient revolution in the country.

A component of the overall plan was Operation Plan “G_____” that instructed the primary agents of the government to nip the coming social upheaval in the bud and place themselves (Marcos’ agents) in positions of power. This was an application of Regis DeBray’s concept of the foco revolution that was executed by Fidel Castro and Ernesto “Che” Guevarra.

Marcos’ agents successfully did so and the threat of the Communists, Socialists, even illegitimate personalities that were hangers-on in the Cory group called Yellow Army climbing into Malacañang, did not happen just like that. The military was close on their heels and became the hungry pack of wolves’ check and balance.

Writer Cecil Arillo says after Edsa 1, the United States government refused the proposal of Marcos’ agents, Fidel Valdez Ramos and Juan Ponce Enrile to form a civil-military junta. The US imposed upon them the so-called “Constitutional path” where then housewife Corazon Cojuangco Aquino alias Cory will sit as president instead of the two (2) or any one of them as leader of the country under the vestiges of civilian-military junta rule.

Being grateful to the US government’s support for the success of anti-communist/socialist operation that later became known as the Edsa 1 military putsch backed by civilian support, Enrile and Ramos acceded to the US’ conditions.

For the plan to succeed, Marcos who, according to my late father, had been overtaken by age and disease and could no longer control all of this factotums like Ver, Gen. Ochoco, Eduardo Cojuangco, Jr., among many, many others around him, had to make the ultimate sacrifice by agreeing to depart Malacañang and be emplaned to Clark Air Base and then to Hawai’i, USA.

Thus did Madam Corazon Cojuangco Aquino Cory become president by default since according to the US government, Enrile and Ramos, leaders of the putsch cannot become RP’s national leaders, without courting charges of unconstitutional accession to power.

Supposedly, the excesses of the Marcos minions who went wayward and no longer wanted to toe the line of ideology of the New Society: Revolution from the Center, written by Blas F. Ople, Adrian Cristobal, Jose Crisol, then Capt. or Maj. Jose T. Almonte, and many other brainthrusts of Marcos, were to be cured and addressed during the new revolutionary government under the aegis of Enrile, Ramos, Cory and her Vice President, Salvador Laurel.
Cory with her dyslexia, her hungry hangers-on, her rapacious relatives and “classmates” in her frequent mahjong sessions all over town, or in her own house in Times St., or even now in plush settings after becoming president, drove Enrile, Ramos and Laurel away almost with a single sweep of her hand.

She proceeded to undertake the sale of the country’s patrimony, starting with the sale of Fort Bonifacio, to the private sector at the promise of a windfall of skim money for her and her close ones. The sale of many other portions of the country little by little was also made by the Cory regime.

She signed with Swiss authorities the transfer of the Marcos wealth to the Philippines but inserted riders that she herself, her family and her quislings will get fat commissions from the Marcos so-called “stolen, hidden gold.” Madre di Dios!!!

She allowed the destruction of records of millions of chinese nationals opening the country to a literal silent invasion of illegals from China who are now occupying stalls in fast-rising buildings as sellers of dirt cheap items and posh subdivision houses manufacturing shabu. Many or most of them have even mastered some Tagalog words coming from their Filipina wife or set of wives or their own handlers in the country that take care of their billeting and the learning of a few functional terms in Filipino dialects. When they make it big, they transfer to the exclusive villages scattered all over Metro Manila.

Certainly, China is not only Cory’s clientele. Many nationals from other countries benefited from her regime, thanks to the close connections her so-called allies in the vaunted National Union of Christian Democrats (NUCD) had with the European mafia that opened the floodgates for European criminals to launder their money in the Philippines during the Aquino presidency or else ply their illegal / criminal trade in or through the country.

In the time of Cory up to the time of Erap, drug trafficking syndicates started to flood the country with dangerous drugs, beginning with transshipment by the LIM clan that according to a government informant, was using the front of a shipping company or group of companies, that later became share holders of the defunct URBAN BANK -- now renamed to Import and Export Bank.

Not surprisingly, Sergio “Serge” Osmeña and possibly the other Osmeñas are joining the campaign for the son of Cory.

Serge and son, are one of the protectors of local lords of transnational drug trafficking syndicates in the country.

One of Serge’s wards is now in prison but continues to ply his illegal trade with the able runner capabilities of Serge’s son and girl friend, a high society party goer and all time punk girl. You see them trek to their base of operations in the heart of Makati City, just behind the RCBC Plaza, the bailiwick of the Yellow Army commanded by its Lord Mayor, Jesus Jose Maria! Cabauatan Binay popularly known as Jejomar or Jojo, also very, very big in protecting drug trafficking syndicates providing illicit services to the rich in the exclusive enclaves of Makati and the poor in the decrepit areas of his Lordship.


Sen. Benigno “Noynoy” Cojuangco Aquino III who also fondly known as Noy, the only male child of Sen. Benigno S. Aquino, Jr. Ninoy and Cory some say, is not really all that “well.”

According to the irritated group of the deposed president Joseph Estrada (terribly annoyed because possibly the late FPJ’s supporter Linggoy Alcuaz and his companions in the FPJ movement will now support Noynoy and leave Erap behind), aspirant future President of the Republic of the Philippines Noynoy Aquino was born an autistic child. If this is indeed true, Noynoy must probably have been treated as a special child in his youth by doctors expert in autism. Noynoy, as those in the same age bracket with him in the late 40s and 50s, was observed to be one of the least exposed children of the couple Ninoy and Cory.

(We asked the Erap boys and girls why they say that Noynoy is an autistic. They could not provide proof but in their faces, you could see they were mightily convinced Noynoy is a mongoloid. “It’s in the family, they say.” Is it really true? Who knows, it might just be.)
The son of Ma. Kristine Bernadette “Kris” Cojuangco Aquino with motion pictures actor Phillip Salvador, Joshua fondly known as “Josh,” is a mongoloid or special child and he possibly has the same genes of Noynoy. As the Erap boys and girls are saying.

The mother of Noynoy and Josh’ grandmother, the late Cory, on the other hand, actually was diagnosed and was being treated for a non-contaminable but highly dangerous disease called dyslexia. Cory would suffer bouts of mental paralysis due to the collapse of one or both of her lungs causing the ill stricken subject to lose control while involuntarily able to make extremity motions (hand, feet, minor ear, eye, nose movements, etc.).

The diseased subject is able to function with simple writing like signing documents with hand, walking or running with feet, barely hearing words or commands, etc. but unable to process these in his / her mind. In short, dyslexics perform unintelligent motions like a zombie since the mind of the ill subject is dead for the entire period when the lungs are in the collapsed state. This version of dyslexia was what afflicted the late Cory. There are other forms and manifestations of dyslexia, but that could be the subject of another post.

(Just imagine how many checks, contracts, presidential appointments, agreements and treaties she could have signed in those attacks of her disease! No wonder why the country went to the dogs!!! But really, ang suwerte naman ng lahat na puwede makapunta sa kanya ng malapitan, medaling mag pa sign, kahit ano, di ba? My! My! Dios mio!!! Que horror!!!)

It is possible that this condition of the late Cory is the reason why Noynoy is a special child. Notwithstanding the fact that during lucid intervals, the late Cory was a highly opinionated person (she was naturally born that way) --- making her appear as a firmly determined, strong-willed person.

In reality the late Cory was simply a one-track brain individual; there are millions of others that share the same brain as the late Cory -- born and later bred to become unaccepting of explanation, reason, qualification, argument except her own. Once Cory and her like-minded one-track brain individuals form an opinion about something, there is no use bending her. She would simply not accept it. It was not Cory’s fault she was born like that, however, but it certainly did not qualify her greatly for the job of president.

A one-track brain person is just short of an idiot, or idiot savante (but an idiot nonetheless). This characteristic is not handed down to someone born under different circumstances. But the effect of the said characteristic of a person on others is extremely huge. It can turn people born to parents with one-track brains into abnormal children growing up to become dysfunctional adults.

However, while Cory suffered her dyslexia in silence and in secret, this serious health abnormality of a Philippine president was upstaged by her terminal illness when she was no longer in Malacañang, her alleged colon cancer that she supposedly died from.

Now our would-be president Noynoy appears to be fully cured of his ailment if it is true he was born with autism. Possibly this is due to very expensive treatment by foreign doctors. However, this could be open-ended. It might be the reason why Noynoy cannot take on girl friends (or boy friends?) for a lengthy period of time. This could also be the reason why Sen. Panfilo Lacson is vehemently against Kris for opposing the possible, if impossible, union of his former secretary (Ms. Shalani Soledad) and Noynoy. Kris is also against Noynoy marrying anyone, for fear that “it might complicate things.” Kris did not elucidate on the matter about the “things.”

There is a danger however remote, that he might lapse into an autistic fit and die or kill / cause the death by accident of, the one he is immediately next to.

Now our sneaky little devil Lacson should stop all that bullshit about Shalani and Noynoy getting engaged and marrying. Everybody knows that Senadora Doctora Luisa “Loi” Pimentel Ejercito is mad at Tita Ping for being a first rate bugaw. Tita Ping likes match making. When he sees a person with a good job and with much to offer, like the United States Drug Enforcement Agency resident agent in the Philippines, Tita Ping always makes it a point to bugaw a girl for that high official. You never know when you might need a favor someday, right? Or you never know what your bubwit girl can chismis to you about the man to whom Tita made bugaw her to.

Noynoy should be left alone by Tita, you never know if he will just suddenly get trapped, be killed, figure in an accident if and when Tita gets wind of his activities that could threaten Tita’s well-being or harm her nice complexion. And Shalani will be better off leaving Noynoy alone to his devices.

Perhaps Noynoy is really cured, for he is even now into extreme games. The aspirant president is an aficionado of dangerous high powered guns, among other lethal weapons. Noynoy is a member of an exclusive gun owners’ club made up of young and adult filthy rich chinese in the Philippines. The suppliers of this exclusive gun club are chinese gun runners one of whom is a certain Jonathan Yu, a huge, fat fellow who share the house with his dad and a huge real life predator pet shark in a giant aquarium. (Who ever keeps sharks for pets?) Jonathan is a big time gun runner living in the vicinity of the Tatalon, Araneta Ave. area in Quezon City. This guy has a large firing range where Noynoy and his chinese, other friends troop to and shoot their deadly weapons. Guess who else is invited to Jonathan’s house? Big time police officials and the daughter of former Vice Pres. Tito G! What a crowd they make!

This Jonathan is no ordinary gun runner. He is not only close to the political enemies of the Lady by the Pasig River, but he gets his protection from big guns of the PNP as well as the AFP and the NBI.

Jonathan and Noynoy associate with their fellow chinese or half-chinese -- possibly many of them are even tied up to drug trafficking syndicates operating in the country. Who would know? They’re too exclusive, you can’t get inside their circles easy.

Despite the so-called gun shooting and gun lover macho image of Noynoy, it is said that he is a homosexual. Of course, it’s not true, Shalani and Tita Ping will say.

The strong personality of his mother, Cory could not have caused Noynoy to become heterosexual but an aberrant in his sexual behavior. Like Kris who tremendously enjoys having sex specially with very old men.

At present, Noynoy, to prove his virility and masculinity further aside from shooting high powered guns, is said to be living-in with a bold star, a certain BARBARA MILANO.

The problem with Noynoy being President, is that there will be more than the six Little Presidents of the late Ronald Allan Kelly POE FPJ if and when he wins. As an autistic, Noynoy’s decisionmaking will be left to no less than one hundred Little Presidents in and out of Malacañang starting from the numerous sisters, brothers-in-law, nephews, nieces, and the factotums of Cory, associates of the late Sen. Benigno Aquino, Jr., etc.

Mar, the one of two Manuel the Thirds

Sen. Manuel A. Roxas II Mar, is the publicly known son of Sen. Gerardo Roxas and the grandson of Pres. Manuel Acuña Roxas. The subject also publicly affirms he is actually a grandson of Pres. Roxas.

Out of circumstances in the past, Mar became a homosexual. In the present time, especially under the influence of liquor, the subject confesses to close friends and associates his real trans-gender status. Subject however is publicly willing to shed the image of a homosexual by widely making it known he is engaged to and will wed Ms. Korina Sanchez on October 23, 2009.

Mar has real blood relatives not formally recognized by the Roxas clan or if ever, grudgingly. The painful story of Mar’s grandfather and the secret love of his life, as well as his unpopular children by wedlock, is said to be among the issues that caused psychological hang-ups in Mar and his own father. Mar’s namesake, since leaving school, lived a relatively hermetic life preferring to be known as a “creative writer.”

Mar’s own grandfather, did not love his own wife, Doña Trinidad De Leon from Bulacan. Instead, his one and true love was foreigner, an Irish girl, Ms. Juanita McIlvain, with whom he even had children but was forced not to marry due to the demands of his relatives and political expediency.

The Irish lady is the mother of the real Manuel Roxas, Jr. Manny, one of four siblings consisting of Manny, Cielo, Antonio and Charo Roxas. He won in the speech / oratorical contest in Ateneo called “Voice of Democracy.” They lived in Ermita, Manila where Pres. Roxas secretly rented an apartment for his Irish lady love and their children.

Another winner in said oratorical contest is one Francis Moran who became a brother-in-law of Manny.

The wife of Francis is the sister of Manny. Manny's sister's and Francis Moran’s child, Margarita "Margie" Moran, was the first Miss Universe, and is the true granddaughter of Pres. Manuel Roxas who now resides in Mindanao as Mrs. Tony Floreindo.

Mar’s father grew up in a loveless environment and this too had a debilitating effect on young Mar.

The worse psychological pain Mar had to suffer is that possibly he is not a real Roxas. His paternity is not in question, but his grand paternity is totally in doubt.

When Doña Trinidad De Leon Roxas married Mar’s grandpa, Manuel, she was already pregnant with the son of Pres. Manuel Luis Quezon y Molina.

Doña Trinidad became pregnant with Quezon’s child while Quezon was already the husband of Doña Aurora Aragon. With the promise by Quezon that Roxas will be made Speaker of the House of Representatives, Roxas was forced to marry Doña Trinidad in an arranged marriage even if there was no love between them.

Gerardo “Gerry” De Leon Roxas, who became a senator, the son of the President (Manuel Roxas), is not really the son of Pres. Roxas.

Sen. Gerry Roxas is most probably the son of Quezon. Therefore, he is not a Roxas but a Quezon. Mar Roxas is supposed to be Manuel "Mar" Araneta Quezon III instead. He is a grandson not of Pres. Roxas but of the president preceding him. Despite the fact, the arrangement forced the late president to make Gerry bear the Roxas family name and Mar thereafter.

The problem with the Quezon blood is that the late President’s Junior, Manuel “Nonong” Aragon Quezon, Jr., is a homosexual and Quezon may have passed down this quirk in his genes down to Mar therefore the subject also became a homosexual probably without even knowing that he will become one and just started feeling that he was actually a girl, instead of a man.

It is also no wonder, that his “cousin,” Manuel Quezon III, who is in media, is also another homosexual, or as he prefers to call himself, a “BADING.”

If Mar will use his real grandpaternity, he will share the same name, the same gender with the self-professed “BADING” Manuel Luis C. Quezon III (The Explainer), they share the same eye condition (both wear prescription eye glasses) except they do not share the same middle names. Because Mar Roxas’ middle name is Araneta while the other one (The Explainer) bears the middle name of Casas (mother, Lourdes “Lulu” Casas Quezon). They don’t also share the same nicknames because as everybody knows, The Explainer’s nickname is Manolo and Manuel Roxas III’s nickname is Mar.

A large number of old-timers in the Liberal Party and real, true-to-life neighbors of the late Pres. Manuel A. Roxas, Sr. know this fact. Even perhaps Noynoy since he comes from a line of old-timer Liberals whose family friends are also old-timer Liberals.

The question over whether Noynoy will use Mar largely in the campaign is passé. Noynoy has the cards lined up against Mar.

An autistic president if that, and a gay vice president who is mistakenly bearing the surname Roxas. What more could be a livelier combination?

But riding like the world's greatest opportunists on the so-called gains-gains kuno of revolution, gains-gains kuno of democracy, icon-icon kuno of democracy, ay sus! Wala naman silang pinaghirapan!!! Tapos lahat tayo for the second time, the nth time, pahihirapan na naman!!!

Oy, tumigil tigil nga kayo, mga abnormal at mga peke ang apelyidong may duda pa ang kasarian!!!

Mga balasubas kayo!!!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The Philippine Lesbian Mafia

Aliens we ought to have known better

They (Dinky, et al --- pinch the behind of Dinkeh) cry in front of media, explain their purpose of helping the poor to everyone and sundry, they shout in the streets for the Truth to come out, for Justice to the People, for their and the People's Rage over the Murder of the Impeachment, for Mikey Arroyo's touching "auntie's" knees and therefore making scandalous behavior that makes him just rightly the scion of parents they call bastos, they are the Moral Majority, they will make everyone who stand in their way pay highly for it! Dinky told the media, she cried in front of her children when she agonized over the decision to leave GMA. Then she declared in public that it was her children who made her finally quit, she tearfully narrated.

Enter The Lesbian Mafia!!!

Eventually Ms. Dinky and her Master (is she a lesbo too? Nooo....) tailed like hobbits, the lady of the house of the late FPJ. Tagging along is Gabriela Silang's muse, Ms. Liza Masama. Kuuuuuu!!! (Slap Left! Slap Right! Box Ears!)

God, did they look like the quintessential abnormals to Susan's regal form. They probably would have loved ... uhhmmm recruiting Ms. Susie and her beautiful Sonora nieces into their orgies. But salivate all they could. Ms. Susie appears prim and proper and would not enter the coven of daemons lest she be devoured alive by them witcy bitches. Humppph!

When Dinky (Mrs. Corazon Juliano Soliman hold colored hair, pull haaaardd!!!), closet homosexual, and her compatriots Ana Leah Sarabia, Aida Santos, Ms. Liza Ma... and their other fellow lesbians get together, who cares if there are children around? Who cares! They smooch to death and get drunk and have sex orgies from the time they start up to daylight of the following age when they get tired finally. And there is no easy way to tire them. No one knows what is the moral in that? No one can tell where ever is the redeeming value in these horrible, dastardly acts?

Recently, they proudly declared, whenever they have sex orgies, they shout at the top of their orgasm, OUST GLORIAAAAA!!!! IBAGSAK SI GLORIAAAAA!!!! BAKET NANDIYAN KA PA!!!! FUCKU!!! FUCKU!!! FUCKU!!! PUTANG INA SHEEEEEEEET!!!!! GLORIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LULLLLLEEEEEEE PAAAAAAAP!!!!!!

They must love the head of state overly to keep shouting her name endlessly, these turds. (I mean, what the fuck are they up to anyway?)

One wonders how truly moral they can get that they rape young women and were raping the country while they were in Malacañang, overlords of PCSO, DSWD, DOH projects, DAR and in many other important sections of the government.

Bepore they joined Malacañang, they had been stealing from foreign funders -- always saying deficit-deficit-deficit, then later the Department of Agrarian Reform, and then the alleged CIA front organizations, the intelligence community, and they stole from many other places where the money is to be had by the millions.

Today, they have a handle over UN projects, have infiltrated USAID, while they cuss straight guy and conservative US President Bush at his back. They suck the money from US, EUROPE, Canada, Australia, among many other donor countries.

Previously, they screwed a Jesuit priest that they assigned as President of PEACE FOUNDATION, and then they proceeded to steal P1.7 Billions in broad daylight through the Peace Bonds deal. They run off with many hundreds of milions each and gave the PEACE FOUNDATION a pittance leaving the poor Jesuit priest answering all the questions about why he stole P1.7 Billions!!! Por dios por Santo!!!

Indeed, they must really be the Moral Majority. And the people must believe in them, for they need power. They need billions of funds. They need operatives to maim, kill, demonize, rally and even stage a coup for them in the coming days.

They are promoting the coup in the country that will follow the Thailand model. And they want to be behind the coup plotters, notwithstanding the fact that they are part of the planning themselves. They just want their participation not to be very much known.

Now fortunately, they sigh that they feel better they are no longer in Malacañang that they call the male snakes' pit. They are with their new-found "ally" and fellow Mafiosa officer, JohnBoy Madregall.

Mafiosas so close.

They boast of worldwide networks, strong alliances, with gays, and other kinds of homosexuals including the ones living in Sodom and Gomorrah.

These, dear friends are the Lesbian Mafia! Haiiii!!!! (Kick! Karate chop!)

Watch out, on the pretense they'll do dirty dancing with y'all, they'll stick you up and suck you to Kingdom come and make you sorry for it on national television!

Spunky little devils!!! Punk shits!!!

May they get struck by the sword against destabilizaiton not once, not twice and many times over!!!

(Chok!!! Chok!!! Chok!!!)

(Splok!!! Splok!!! Splok!!!)

Originally posted by caret @ 3:36 AM


The vaunted Dinner in NY pales in comparison with the "Boston Flower Arrangement"


Before and during the wake and funeral of the late Madam Corazon Cojuangco AQUINO CORY, it was bruited about that the Filipinos lost a mother, a woman of integrity, an icon, etcetera.

It was said that the death of the late Madam Corazon Cojuangco AQUINO CORY was a great loss to the Filipino nation but it was also an opportunity to use her well talked about popularity to kick out GMA from the presidency, among other possibilities.

1. CORY used to refer to Sen. Benigno AQUINO, Jr. NINOY as her partner in life, dearest love, etc.
2. CORY used the advocacy of NINOY for democracy to propel her candidacy
3. CORY openly professed her love and devotion to NINOY and to God
4. Kris Cojuangco AQUINO KRIS said during her eulogy, “Dad take care of Mom, you are her one and only” or some such bullshit
5. The AQUINO family, civil society, political opposition and some former fence sitters (middle roaders), declared that there was a massive turn out during the funeral of CORY.
6. That this massive turn out can be exploited to mobilize a new People Power at EDSA (or elsewhere) and overthrow the regime under GMA.
7. That this massive sympathy crowd can be used to support any anti-GMA move such as in the 2010 elections, coup d’ etat, other purposes.
8. CORY was never corrupt.
9. CORY’s life was lived with integrity.
10. CORY was very thrifty.
11. CORY was a most accommodating mother, she cooked for everyone and was famous for her special spaghetti, etc.
12. CORY had every right to call on the resignation of GMA because she was the voice of the Moral Majority.
13. CORY loved her country; she was a nationalist.
14. CORY was the most humble and down to earth and pro-masses, pro-poor person.
15. CORY was a saint and therefore should be canonized by Vatican.


The above issues gleaned from the events surrounding the death of CORY appears to be contradicted by the following:

CORY divorced Sen. AQUINO NINOY as early as in 1980 and particularly insisted on separation in Boston, Massachusetts. NINOY refused to sign the divorce papers over love for his children.

Due to the highly opinionated, one-track mind and unbendable thinking of CORY, a very peculiar situation existed in the AQUINO house in Boston. When the family were buying their food supplies and toiletries, et al other personal items, NINOY had a push cart of his own. CORY on the other hand, had a push cart for herself and supposedly for her children.

When NINOY ate, he either cooked and ate alone or sometimes with an infrequent guest.

NINOY was allegedly sometimes “aburido” (anguished) over the arrangement that CORY imposed upon the family that even he would even sometimes quarrel with his infrequent guest(s).

However, it was NINOY who took care of all the bills and CORY did not even have a single cent to spare. Each time the family’s finances ran low, NINOY would rush to a public pay phone in any of the streets or corners of Boston and make a confidential call to the late Ferdinand MARCOS FERDIE, his fraternity brother in Upsilon Sigma Phi.

After each call, with only minutes, an hour or hours interval, a packet of One Hundred Thousand United States Dollars (US$100,000) would arrive at the family’s place or at a designated drop point.

This arrangement with NINOY was brought by CORY to her relationship with the siblings of husband. That if she and husband were separated, even if technically, and they were living together in a hellish artificial arrangement for the sake of image, the children and other factors, ergo, all the relatives of NINOY were of no more consequence to her since she was no longer related to them as well under law. Kawawa naman si Ninoy, kaya pala nagpakamatay!!! Dios Mio!!!

Since it is a verified fact that CORY’s own cousin, and four (4) others ordered the execution of NINOY, it was suspected that since CORY and the berdugo cousin are blood relatives, she knew of the plan to eliminate her technically divorced husband, but she simply did not care. It is probably even possible that she warned him not to go to RP but more in spite than as a show of her love and concern for NINOY’s well being.

Contrary to her claim, CORY was disgusted at the so-called advocacy of NINOY for democracy. All she supposedly wanted was to live like the daughter of a rich couple, spend money around and engage in her love: gambling. CORY was allegedly addicted to gambling even at an early age that when NINOY was a neophyte Senator, he was always humiliated when he entertained visitors in their house at Times Street.

When not travelling out of the house, CORY would always stay in her sleeping wear ( dusters / negligees ) and play mah jong or other games with her amigas and amigos in the guest room of the Times Street house.

If CORY went out of the room to fetch an item outside of the game room or use the comfort room away from the gamblers, and she passes by the Guests of her Senator husband, she just passes by them. She would not even offer water, tea, coffee nor juice to any of the Guests.

NINOY would do the chore himself with the help of the maids or house boys. CORY would also hardly make any decent greetings to Guests she had no relations to, like “Hi!”, “Hello!” or shake hands with the Guests. She just whizzes past them as if they were made of stone or did not exist and as if she was trying to show them that she never cared but that it was her house and the Guests were complete strangers and/or their presence was unwanted.

CORY did not love NINOY nor God. When Raul MANGLAPUS and NINOY quarreled sometimes in their Boston home, CORY is said to have sided always with MANGLAPUS. MANGLAPUS on the other hand, during his stay in the US, was active in recruiting for the religion of Satanism. It is suspected that since CORY embraced the political party of MANGLAPUS (National Union of Christian Democrats --- NUCD) as her party also, she might have been recruited to Satanism.

Kristina Bernadette Aquino YAP KRIS and all her siblings all knew that NINOY loved CORY up to the extent that he could but that CORY fully came to reject him since the late 1970s and in 1980. Her statement that CORY loved only NINOY and was CORY’s one and only was not totally accurate.

In Malacañang, after EDSA I, the late CORY and a prominent politician, Cabinet turned senator, would enter the Malacañang president’s bedroom. The purpose was for an alleged Closed Door Meeting. The couple would not re-emerge from the bedroom for more than half a day and when they did, they appeared to be a silently loving couple.

The practice lasted until the cabiner member turned senator died. The wife of the senator might have suspected and supposedly hated CORY for that. CORY also had other flings and standing sexual relationships with other men. It was bandied around in Malacañang at the time that CORY’s choice of the senator was that he had a really very long sexual organ and he could still manage to have intercourse. The gossip in Malacañang was that if the man who was invited to have a closed door with CORY had a long penis then the meeting was not a real one but an act of knowing in the bible's sense.

This practice of CORY got too well known that when CORY caught her daughter KRIS naked in her own bedroom lying on the stomach of then Executive Secretary Oscar ORBOS OCA who was also naked, KRIS after getting a mouthful from her mother mumbled to the effect that she was not to understand where else will she inherit her “Makati Puke” but from her mom. There and then ORBOS and his entire “bitbit” staff were kicked out unceremoniously out of Malacañang, never to return. Only a lawyer director of ORBOS was reappointed, but during or immediately before the time of ex-Pres. Fidel V. RAMOS (FVR) at an attached agency of the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) based at Balara, Quezon City.

Of course, ORBOS can always deny he slept with Kris. And vice versa. Ms. Kris would cry if you ask her, how is it like to have sex and keep shouting "Dad! Pa!" all the time. It's oedipal complex, to some psychologists.

The CPP/NPA/NDFP, AQUINO family, civil society, political opposition et al said to have been imported paid mourners from Tarlac, Pampanga, Nueva Ecija, from Hacienda Luisita and other parts, to attend the funeral of CORY. The Three Hundred Thousand odd purported crowd that attended the funeral, was fake. The only real CORY lovers in that crowd were the family and CPP whose original leaders were helped and propelled by CORY and family in the beginning to form their underground organization.

There is no way that the much ballyhooed massive turn out can suffice to form a new People Power at EDSA (or elsewhere) and overthrow the regime under ARROYO that will not be full of for-hire participants from the squatter areas. Even the squatter area residents have already wizened to the temptations of attending mass protests since a lot of the programs of government have penetrated into their communities already.

That the massive sympathy crowd can determine the course of the 2010 elections, or a coup d’ etat, or any other anti-government purpose is a fallacy.

Even in Tarlac itself, particularly in the place where there are NINOY relatives, CORY will not even be considered a VIP or worse, she might even be looked down upon not as a human being for the way she treated NINOY.

The saintly attributes of CORY appears to be overshadowed by the real and actual testimonies of those that shared space with her, as follows:

Before CORY became President, in Malacañang Palace every Thursday, there was a so-called “Sunshine Day!”

Contractors secretly offered gifts to the First Family contained in single boxes each per contractor or supplier. In each box were highest denomination bills at the time of One Hundred Philippine Pesos (Php100.00) amounting to either Five Hundred Thousand, One Million, One Pesos Five Hundred Thousand Pesos in most of the time.

Come “Sunshine Day!”, all employees and many times even residents of Brgy. Malacañang would be required to form a line at the Finance Division then headed by Presidential official in charge with the MARCOS administration’s finance Jacobo C. CLAVE JAKE. Each employee was given a pay envelope with token cash coming the gift boxes of contractors and suppliers.

When CORY came to the Palace, the single box were replaced with big trendy suitcases. The Php100 denominations were replaced with Five Hundred bills. The amounts of Php500,000, Php1,000,000 and Php1,500,000 were replaced with a very low of Ten, Fifteen and a normal level of Twenty Million Philippine Pesos (Php10,000,000, Php15,000,000 and Php20,000,000).

Mrs. "DDD", senior staff of CLAVE informed Ma. Elena Aquino CRUZ BALLSY, then chief aide of CORY about the tradition of “Sunshine Day!” and requested that it be continued. BALLSY was infuriated about the information and pointed at some suitcases full of cash from contractors whose papers were being expedited by the new group of CORY in Malacañang and said, “Ano’ng sunshine-sunshine? Eh, barya nga lang yang nasa maleta!!! Ano pa ba ang gusto nila, eh di naman sa kanila yan!!!” Effectively, the Thursday “Sunshine Day!” tradition was scrapped and replaced with Thursday “Lungkot Day!”

A security aide of NINOY in the US, revealed that after the forming of the Presidential Commission on Good Government (PCGG), the cousin of CORY immediately made a transfer of funds in Australia from his account to a confidential account in favor of CORY, through her brother Jose S. COJUANGCO, Jr. PEPING in the amount of Two Hundred Million United States Dollars (USD200,000,000). The transaction was kept very hidden and was bruited to be the first of the set of enormous amounts to come into the CORY family for making PCGG soft on those that have the capacity to pay.

The second set of payments was arranged by the then Exec. Sec. who demanded from Lucio TAN a tremendous amount of cash to ensure that PCGG will not turn the TAN group of companies upside down. TAN was forced to shell out initially Four Hundred Million Philippine Pesos (Php400,000,000) followed by another payment of a similarly huge amount.

A large number of MARCOS favored personalities were forced to pay out very large amounts to the CORY family.

Former Judge now senator, was summoned by CORY and told to head the Immigration Bureau. The ex-Judge accepted the offer and now became Immigration Commissioner. CORY was in firm agreement with some Filipino Chinese to launch a secret record destruction operation at the bureau. In exchange for more or less Five Hundred Thousand Philippine Pesos (Php500,000), CORY ordered the papers of a single illegal Chinese alien to be burned, shredded or purged in any other fitting manner. Salvaje!!! Nationalist? Not likely!!!

At the time of CORY’s ascendancy in the Palace, there were about six million (6,000,000) Chinese in the Philippines. The figure can be contested but it was the only estimate at the time closest to the true situation. Only two million (2,000,000) were either legal Chinese or else were paying Alien Registration Fees regularly for staying in the country. About four million (4,000,000) or the figure could be higher, were illegals. A good number of the illegals were even criminals that were fugitives of their native land.

CORY had an account in Switzerland and other offshore banks where she ordered Immigration Commissioner to forward the payments from the Chinese whose papers were erased from the record section of the immigration bureau. To make the situation fully covered, a small operation was conducted to make the fourth floor of the bureau building look extremely topsy turvy. All the systematically organized files at the records room were turned upside down, thrown here and there and the room was made to appear very messy and dirty. As a result, no one learned about CORY’s destruction of untold files of illegal Chinese in the country.

If the maximum number of illegals and with a large number of additionals (newly human smuggled chinese) will be accounted for, the amount that could have been placed in CORY’s Switzerland or other offshore bank(s) will have come to a rough total of Two Trillion Philippine Pesos (Php2,000,000,000,000) that could have converted at a rate of Php21 : US$1.00 to Nine Five Billion Two Hundred Thirty Eight Million and Ninety Five Thousand Two Hundred Thirty Eight United States Dollars (USD95,238,095,238). At the time, that would have been one-tenth of the entire Swiss Deposits (one-third of the worldwide total) of the MARCOS wealth. A staggering amount of money that Immigration Commissioner could have also partaken of and could be one of the more likely entrusted managers aside from some Chinese individual or group that CORY used to filch the Sino community in the country.

It is suspected that many of the criminals freed by CORY from illegal status are among those that are leading in the syndicated drug trafficking activities in RP and beyond our shores, making RP a notorious nation on the drugs watch list. It has also corrupted RP’s system into a narco-politic state.

It is expected that if any AQUINO will run for high public office, BID Commisioner as a finance / fund manager will not be far behind. Or given her innate intelligence and intellect, Immigration chief could use a go-between to serve as the fund manager for the AQUINO candidate, possibly Sen. Benigno C. AQUINO III NOYNOY or Kristina Bernadette Aquino YAP KRIS.

Mr. KOC (code name), a former deep cover consultant of the National Security Council (NSC) director who reported the operation under a report codename “YELLOW FEVER”, was entrapped in a sting operation where KOC was secretly charged with illegal financial dealings concerning the release of a certain detainee Col. ACOSTA and a Lt. Roque LIWAG of the rebel military organization RAM and KOC was endorsed as a consultant to the Presidential Security Group (PSG) to be banished from NSC forever as long the pro-CORY people worked there.

Another charge against KOC was that he was reported to have spread the news that the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP), the old National Intelligence Security Agency (NISA) budgets were cut by seventy percent (70%) on the advice of leftists inside and outside the government providing “advise” to CORY. The charge was baseless because O’CHAVEZ was only shown and only saw a box containing orders of the President (CORY that the NSC Director said cut down the AFP-NISA money by 70%, but did not actually see the orders in print. Also the consultant never told anyone about the unseen papers or the box.

When brought up with the NICA during the time of ex-pres. Jose Marcelo EJERCITO ERAP, KOC who was asked to consult discreetly with the subject Agency, the NICA still considered it preposterous that the NSC Director was ordered to pare down the AFP and intelligence community budget by 70%. In reality that was what happened. Morale in the AFP went down. The defenders of democracy and the very people that put CORY in power were victims of CORY’s paranoia.

CORY placed her relatives in the NSC-NICA payroll among other relatives since their fat salaries need not be accounted for under the law. Further, they acted as her eyes and ears inside that intelligence Agency.

Among the elites in the country during the MARCOS era, it is almost impossible to identify any one elite family that did not kowtow and kiss the ass of then First Lady Imelda Romualdez MARCOS MELDY (FL) and her husband, the late Pres. MARCOS just to borrow money from the couple. FL was gracious and generous to the AYALAs, LOPEZes, ORTIGASes, EJERCITOs, COJUANGCOs et al. She considered herself a friend to all of them when in fact they talked harshly against her at her back.

Multi-millions up to billions of Pesos were given in loans in exchange for land titles of worthless real estate; shares of stocks of dying companies - Ortigas Group, Ayala companies; future receivables from companies in dire straits and heavy indebtedness like Meralco, etc. Many of these companies were sequestered during Martial Law for their refusal to pay loans and for other reasons, aside from the fact that military administration required sequestration and nationalization of foreign interests.

After MARCOS was gone, CORY gave back Meralco and other related companies like ABS-CBN, Chronicle, etc. to the LOPEZes despite the heavy debts to the MARCOS family and the Philippine Government being the guarantor of its enormous foreign debts.

CORY did the same to the LOPA empire, since BABY LOPA was married to her sister, Gina COJUANGCO, whose son, RAPA LOPA is the owner on record of survey company Pulse Asia that is giving GMA a bad name every time it does a survey.

During CORY’s regime, she ordered selected members of the Supreme Court to transfer the shares of stock of Hans MENZI and Ferdinand MARCOS, Jr. to her dummy, a man purporting to call himself DON EMILIO YAP. Effectively, government and MARCOS shares came under the ownership of “DON EMILIO YAP” in Bulletin Today, Manila Hotel and a long string of other companies.

When the agreements between the Government of the Republic of the Philippines and Switzerland were firmed up, the Swiss Minister of Finance Peter MULLER was corrupted by CORY, Francisco CHAVEZ (then Solicitor General), government secretaries and relatives of CORY. MULLER agreed to be part of the “commissioners” and secret riders to the GRP-Swiss agreements on the transfer of the Swiss deposits were made where CORY and her subalterns, blood relations were to receive a huge part of the MARCOS wealth in the form of commissions.

Growing greedy, CORY thereafter demanded that principal amount including the sums indicated in the rider agreements be placed in a conduit account. She gave the account coordinates to MULLER. When the final deciding entity, the Swiss superior court traced the account, it belonged to CORY. The commission of MULLER became stone. Kawawang Pedro!!!

The deal to transfer the MARCOS wealth as the late president willed to the Filipino People and the survivors of the MARCOS family became null and void, still, even with FVR, ERAP, GMA becoming presidents, it was still CORY’s signature on the agreements and the riders that were binding. Now that CORY is dead, even the commissions of PEPING, KRIS, BALLSY, Maria Victoria Eliza Dee VIEL, Maria Aurora Corazon Abellada PINKY and Benigno Cojuangco AQUINO, III NOYNOY, and the rest of the relatives and former Cabinet, friends, cronies, are gone. Naku! Sayang!!!

The decision of The Honorable, The Supreme Court of the Philippines to make FL the executor of the will is long due, however it could not be done with CORY still alive. Or nearly all the money will go to CORY and her own very close people. So Namatay na, wala nang sagabal na sakim.

CORY is far from being a saint. Which is the reason why, FL who is terrified of even the idea of the existence of CORY as if she were Satan personified, prefers to just call her “pangit” and lashes at her at every occasion.

When one of CORY’s daughters was about to marry, it was gossiped in the family that the husband-to-be of daughter was a member of a family that were notorious ... disguised as decent “businessmen.” CORY allegedly said in confidence to one of her amigas, “Aba! Eh ano kung ... ? Masama ba’ng gumawa ng pera ang tao? Hanap buhay lang yaaan!” The marriage happened and so one of her daughters is now the infamous missus to a big time ....

During CORY’s regime, she ordered a former central Luzon governor using diplomatic and other perks to hand carry for her multi-millions of United States Dollars to foreign banks, for purposes undeclared. A then Manila International Airport (MIA) contingent of the Intelligence Group, Armed Forces of the Philippines (IS AFP) intercepted the voluminous amount of money and placed the former governor on hold.

After learning about the plight of the ex-governor and panicking about the condition of her money, CORY went super ballistic, called the airport officials thereat and berated them as well as gave a mouthful of dirty, harsh words against the ISAFP personnel. Mother of God!!!

During the time of then Sec. FVR as Secretary of National Defense (SND), one operative in ISAFP was required to submit a project proposal to negate and neutralize at least one economic threat to the country, as were several other operatives. The operative submitted the target Antonio KHO, most notorious overlord of the smuggling syndicates operating in the Bureau of Customs since the time of MARCOS. The plan to raid the premises of KHO’s offices and residence was elevated to the Chief of Staff AFP (CS AFP). After several weeks, it was again elevated, this time to SND. After another several weeks, it was elevated to CORY. The late ex-president said not to touch KHO because he was her relative. The qualifying statement said to be from SND was also that: “Malaki masyado iyang isda na yan. Kaya tayo habulin kahit saan tayo magpunta kung hulihin natin iyan!”

Among the worst that CORY did in her life was place her factotums like Constabulary agent Jesus Jose Maria Cabauatan BINAY as mayor of Makati and as her so-called confidanté in the so-called Cause Oriented Group (COG). Muy negrito!!! Matón y animales de primero!!! Carajo!!! Que barbaridad!!! Ms. Corazon Juliano SOLIMAN et al into the government to learn to steal from the public treasury after mastering the act of stealing from NGO coffers. (SOLIMAN is the daughter of her family’s capataz at Hacienda Luisita.) So is her sponsorship of the CPP/NPA/NDFP, although she cannot be faulted for not really understanding NINOY’s creation of KUMANDER DANTE in behalf of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), using the late Bren GUIAO and his (NINOY’s) so-called Twelve (12) Apostles as runners between himself and DANTE.

After NINOY died, thinking that the CPP/NPA/NDFP were friends of NINOY, she released all the captured communists into private cognizance. Madre de Dios!!!

Furthermore, having a brain the size of a moon bean, during a mah jong session, DOLLY NAZARENO, wife of Gen. Cesar NAZARENO said if she wins the game, Cesar will become Chief, PC/INP later PNP. DOLLY won, so Cesar became Chief. MONCHIE BIAZON also did the same with CORY. During a session reaching up to midmorning, CORY lost and MONCHIE found herself as the wife of the new Chief of Staff of the Armed Forces of the Philippines. One late member of 12 Apostles when he was alive confided after BIAZON and NAZARENO became chiefs, “No other pea-brained housewife ever achieved such an accomplishment in the entire history of the country. So Tita Cory must really deserve all the credit for having a moon bean for a brain!”

In the time of CORY, the NISA was renamed into NICA. It was during this time when all the derogatory records of many allies of Chairman Jose Ma. SISON of the CPP/NPA/NDFP, other kinds of leftists with crimes against society and the people, were whitewashed by the subalterns of CORY.

There will be more to suffer from the acts and notoriety of CORY in the years and generations to come. And those of her kampons. There will be untold stories that will come out of the woodwork.

The sad memory of a maniac and adorer of things material will be eased out of the public mind only through a painful process. And over a long, long time.

If the supporters of CORY all around the world will mount a people power, let them fuck themselves! No one likes a dirty ex-president who idolized money, long penises, was addicted to gambling, and had no heart at all.

If the fans and lovers of CORY want to rave and rant let them be!!!

And if they will be able to make VATICAN turn her into Saint Corazon, let them be! And may the satanistas rejoice with them!!!

To all of them riling up our peace, we say, fuck all of them and may they get what they deserve in due time... in due time...

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Perilous Jobs

The position of certain persons even in legitimate organizations or agencies of the private sector, government, church and sectoral groups, sad to say are dangerous.
Dangerous, in these times, until they come to grips with the realpolitik of their membership in both aboveground or underground organizations.

In this day and age when all attention is riveted towards the menace of terrorism, certain organizations and their methods become paramount in the minds of those who prepare the orders of battle in the military, the police, the country's prime investigateive agencies and the nation's front lines of defense, namely: customs, immigration, border security and organs that safeguard the country from economic, environmental and other forms of sabotage.

Thus groups like the Communist Party of the Philippines, that has links with as many terrorist organizations from Asean to the Middle East, to Europe and Africa, as well as the Moro National Liberation Front that has strong links with the Juma'a Abbu Sayyap and the multitudinous breakaway groups of both organizations and their officers and members, would be the first to become the subjects in the order of battle. 

The ultra-rightist threat groups that have recently shown they cooperated with the Communist Party of the Philippines will necessarily also be part of the order of battle. 

Needless to mention, those teetering at the edges of these points in the political spectrum, who are also actively networking with the ultra-left and ultra-right, might also find themselves in the order of battle, regardless if in the past they have opportunistically agreed to be the songbirds either of Isafp or Nica chiefs, as in the case purportedly, of Ms. Corazon Soliman and her husband, Hector -- during the time of Mrs. Corazon Aquino in Malacañang. 

Such is the misfortune of certain jobs held by members of the several and various organizations now fiddling with terrorism. 

It is not of course the jobs that imperil the lives of these persons who are tinkering with dangerous plots. But in the propaganda mills, it sounds like indeed the jobs are truly dangerous and full of hazards. 

What is it really like to be part of the Inquirer News Service, for instance and be a member of the Communist Party? 

What is it to be a junior level executive of ABS CBN and to be also another member of the Communist Party, for short also known as CPP?

What is actually perilous in being part of a Sectoral Party that competes in Philipine elections, but to be an adjunct of a Special Committee for Parliamentary Struggle of the Communist Party?

What does it pay to be a simple employee or an engineer and on the other hand, to be a propagandist of the MAGDALO-TAONG BAYAN AT KAWAL?

What is it to be a leader of a daily news organization and to be a lead propaganda arm of the overthrow GMA movement, as well as be part of a coup plotters' group?

What is it to be simple leaders of NGOs and be secret accomplices of bombers-terrorists calling themselves MAGDALO-TAONG BAYAN AT KAWAL (also referred to as TABAK)?

What is it to be a call center employee and be the contact of Muslim Terrorists being aided by CPP?

Finally, what is it to be a businessman, big or small, or a politician - neophyte or seasoned - but to be the funder of the CPP and a follower of Be Not Afraid Movement, that is also said to be behind MAGDALO and TABAK, and several other groups like Kaakbay, Pilipinismo, and has been supplying logistics for a group called Black and White Movement, Citizens Congress for Truth, etc.?

Again, there is really nothing wrong with the job.

It is simply the black propaganda at work. The enemies of the state have gotten so low, that in purveying the lies about the country's sliding to Martial Law (with them making provocation after provocation), and all such other crappy campaigns, they have assailed the very sanctity of the simple stations of citizens meant for earning a decent living.

They have also introduced the community organizers' adversarial and confrontational tactics of pambabastos or euphemistically known as pressure tactics against "targets" in the hallowed halls of Congress and the Senate.

The recent example is the supposedly silent waving of white envelopes. The anti-Arroyo groups claim, it is the easiest way of getting rid of pro-administration Reps in the Session Hall. Good humor, that, but very sick indeed.

In the coming days, there will be more antics by the enemies of the state.

Many of them below the belt. It is obviously the very essence of demonization, disinformation, destabilization and fostering of discontent-demoralization.

The problem, is that they have introduced too much pollutants into the political atmosphere that they have truly made their very own jobs hazardous.

As in the wise, old men's saying in this country:

Pag marami ka nang inaagrabyado, sumisikip na ang mundo mo.

Amen to that.