Tuesday, August 26, 2014

A Fake Jewel Will Reveal Its True Color

What my jeweller grandpa used to tell me will always be true, no matter what: Anything fake, whether it be jewel, or other things, will reveal its true colors from exposure to the elements. Nothing fake will ever last.
Even presidents or vice presidents and that is the real sad and painful truth.
- Guerrier's Critique

Phone conversation between one 32nd degree Mason in the Philippines with another brother Mason based  overseas in May 11, 2010:

RP: "Bro, what happened? Why did the results come up with Aquino? Binay? They were not the real leading contenders said our bros in the commission and all our sources in the field."

Overseas: "Bro, do not make any moves. What the higher ups say is that there was really a determined and final decision for clear intervention otherwise Aquino will not be the winner. Do not do anything. The higher ups warned that these people are extremely dangerous. They are willing to do anything for unsavory ends and selfish goals. Especially FreeMasons who will oppose them will be the worst hit." For your own sake there, you all accept it. That stupid miserable affair will all come to pass"

We all know that long ago, the spell over the country had been broken. It was revealed that the Mindanao and other raison d' etre of foreign powers to dictate the events and circumstances in our politics and state affairs was the compelling backbone for manipulating Philippine elections to make it appear that nonoy akino the 3rd won the elections in 2010.

No matter what kind of magic the powers behind the scenes worked out, it would come out in the open that they intervened and suppressed the rights of the ordinary voter by allowing large scale fraud to produce a fake president.

Because the outcome was not and will never be desirable, installing by force, money and electronic manipulation an abnormal child in the body of a man in the highest post in even the poorest country in the world, 

People have completely lost faith or any semblance of trust and hope in the Aquino regime. Being unpopular the chosen strategy of the regime's spin doctors is Offense is the best defense. See more from here.

When fakes are exposed in time:

Risks of being fake

Dangers of feeling like a fake
Fake pastor exposed
AIDS, HIV - fear of exposure
Be authentic, don't be fake
Being afraid of not being authentic
Thou shall not fear being exposed

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