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Noynoy and Mar

The height of opportunism

I truly wonder what is it that these people keep saying, to sustain the battle they won against tyranny?

Won against whom? Marcos? It’s a lie. The country in the Edsa 1 exercise indeed won, but from being taken over by communists.

Now they’re running their horse to race in the 2010 derby. Without the people behind them. Without any backing or support. Without a solid machinery. Only with a few so-called protest-protest rally-rally demo-demo style of campaign to boast of. And they cannot even muster a good crowd. Only with bad words on teevee or in newspapers. And they don’t even have a decent audience or readership. People get tired of being told shit everytime, day in and day out. Also business doesn’t like shit in the air. And workers mostly so, because who needs shit in their hapag kainan? Por Dios por Santo!!!

The people of the late Cory are fucking insane. And now they’re making it look like the Erap boys and girls, everybody else, is jumping into their bandwagon. No fucking way!

That would be the height of stupidity. True, we are really against the Cory gang winning in the 2010 elections, but not without a basis.

When Johnny Ponce Enrile and the late Pres. Ferdie Marcos decided that the ascent of the communists and socialists together with the avowed centrists to government during the 1985-1986 highly volatile political environment was imminent, due to the defiance of some Marcos Loyalists, opportunists in Malacañang like Gen. Fabian C. Ver and his minions, the subterfuge of a strong faction in the United States Government, they decided to launch a plan to take over the insipient revolution in the country.

A component of the overall plan was Operation Plan “G_____” that instructed the primary agents of the government to nip the coming social upheaval in the bud and place themselves (Marcos’ agents) in positions of power. This was an application of Regis DeBray’s concept of the foco revolution that was executed by Fidel Castro and Ernesto “Che” Guevarra.

Marcos’ agents successfully did so and the threat of the Communists, Socialists, even illegitimate personalities that were hangers-on in the Cory group called Yellow Army climbing into Malacañang, did not happen just like that. The military was close on their heels and became the hungry pack of wolves’ check and balance.

Writer Cecil Arillo says after Edsa 1, the United States government refused the proposal of Marcos’ agents, Fidel Valdez Ramos and Juan Ponce Enrile to form a civil-military junta. The US imposed upon them the so-called “Constitutional path” where then housewife Corazon Cojuangco Aquino alias Cory will sit as president instead of the two (2) or any one of them as leader of the country under the vestiges of civilian-military junta rule.

Being grateful to the US government’s support for the success of anti-communist/socialist operation that later became known as the Edsa 1 military putsch backed by civilian support, Enrile and Ramos acceded to the US’ conditions.

For the plan to succeed, Marcos who, according to my late father, had been overtaken by age and disease and could no longer control all of this factotums like Ver, Gen. Ochoco, Eduardo Cojuangco, Jr., among many, many others around him, had to make the ultimate sacrifice by agreeing to depart Malacañang and be emplaned to Clark Air Base and then to Hawai’i, USA.

Thus did Madam Corazon Cojuangco Aquino Cory become president by default since according to the US government, Enrile and Ramos, leaders of the putsch cannot become RP’s national leaders, without courting charges of unconstitutional accession to power.

Supposedly, the excesses of the Marcos minions who went wayward and no longer wanted to toe the line of ideology of the New Society: Revolution from the Center, written by Blas F. Ople, Adrian Cristobal, Jose Crisol, then Capt. or Maj. Jose T. Almonte, and many other brainthrusts of Marcos, were to be cured and addressed during the new revolutionary government under the aegis of Enrile, Ramos, Cory and her Vice President, Salvador Laurel.
Cory with her dyslexia, her hungry hangers-on, her rapacious relatives and “classmates” in her frequent mahjong sessions all over town, or in her own house in Times St., or even now in plush settings after becoming president, drove Enrile, Ramos and Laurel away almost with a single sweep of her hand.

She proceeded to undertake the sale of the country’s patrimony, starting with the sale of Fort Bonifacio, to the private sector at the promise of a windfall of skim money for her and her close ones. The sale of many other portions of the country little by little was also made by the Cory regime.

She signed with Swiss authorities the transfer of the Marcos wealth to the Philippines but inserted riders that she herself, her family and her quislings will get fat commissions from the Marcos so-called “stolen, hidden gold.” Madre di Dios!!!

She allowed the destruction of records of millions of chinese nationals opening the country to a literal silent invasion of illegals from China who are now occupying stalls in fast-rising buildings as sellers of dirt cheap items and posh subdivision houses manufacturing shabu. Many or most of them have even mastered some Tagalog words coming from their Filipina wife or set of wives or their own handlers in the country that take care of their billeting and the learning of a few functional terms in Filipino dialects. When they make it big, they transfer to the exclusive villages scattered all over Metro Manila.

Certainly, China is not only Cory’s clientele. Many nationals from other countries benefited from her regime, thanks to the close connections her so-called allies in the vaunted National Union of Christian Democrats (NUCD) had with the European mafia that opened the floodgates for European criminals to launder their money in the Philippines during the Aquino presidency or else ply their illegal / criminal trade in or through the country.

In the time of Cory up to the time of Erap, drug trafficking syndicates started to flood the country with dangerous drugs, beginning with transshipment by the LIM clan that according to a government informant, was using the front of a shipping company or group of companies, that later became share holders of the defunct URBAN BANK -- now renamed to Import and Export Bank.

Not surprisingly, Sergio “Serge” Osmeña and possibly the other Osmeñas are joining the campaign for the son of Cory.

Serge and son, are one of the protectors of local lords of transnational drug trafficking syndicates in the country.

One of Serge’s wards is now in prison but continues to ply his illegal trade with the able runner capabilities of Serge’s son and girl friend, a high society party goer and all time punk girl. You see them trek to their base of operations in the heart of Makati City, just behind the RCBC Plaza, the bailiwick of the Yellow Army commanded by its Lord Mayor, Jesus Jose Maria! Cabauatan Binay popularly known as Jejomar or Jojo, also very, very big in protecting drug trafficking syndicates providing illicit services to the rich in the exclusive enclaves of Makati and the poor in the decrepit areas of his Lordship.


Sen. Benigno “Noynoy” Cojuangco Aquino III who also fondly known as Noy, the only male child of Sen. Benigno S. Aquino, Jr. Ninoy and Cory some say, is not really all that “well.”

According to the irritated group of the deposed president Joseph Estrada (terribly annoyed because possibly the late FPJ’s supporter Linggoy Alcuaz and his companions in the FPJ movement will now support Noynoy and leave Erap behind), aspirant future President of the Republic of the Philippines Noynoy Aquino was born an autistic child. If this is indeed true, Noynoy must probably have been treated as a special child in his youth by doctors expert in autism. Noynoy, as those in the same age bracket with him in the late 40s and 50s, was observed to be one of the least exposed children of the couple Ninoy and Cory.

(We asked the Erap boys and girls why they say that Noynoy is an autistic. They could not provide proof but in their faces, you could see they were mightily convinced Noynoy is a mongoloid. “It’s in the family, they say.” Is it really true? Who knows, it might just be.)
The son of Ma. Kristine Bernadette “Kris” Cojuangco Aquino with motion pictures actor Phillip Salvador, Joshua fondly known as “Josh,” is a mongoloid or special child and he possibly has the same genes of Noynoy. As the Erap boys and girls are saying.

The mother of Noynoy and Josh’ grandmother, the late Cory, on the other hand, actually was diagnosed and was being treated for a non-contaminable but highly dangerous disease called dyslexia. Cory would suffer bouts of mental paralysis due to the collapse of one or both of her lungs causing the ill stricken subject to lose control while involuntarily able to make extremity motions (hand, feet, minor ear, eye, nose movements, etc.).

The diseased subject is able to function with simple writing like signing documents with hand, walking or running with feet, barely hearing words or commands, etc. but unable to process these in his / her mind. In short, dyslexics perform unintelligent motions like a zombie since the mind of the ill subject is dead for the entire period when the lungs are in the collapsed state. This version of dyslexia was what afflicted the late Cory. There are other forms and manifestations of dyslexia, but that could be the subject of another post.

(Just imagine how many checks, contracts, presidential appointments, agreements and treaties she could have signed in those attacks of her disease! No wonder why the country went to the dogs!!! But really, ang suwerte naman ng lahat na puwede makapunta sa kanya ng malapitan, medaling mag pa sign, kahit ano, di ba? My! My! Dios mio!!! Que horror!!!)

It is possible that this condition of the late Cory is the reason why Noynoy is a special child. Notwithstanding the fact that during lucid intervals, the late Cory was a highly opinionated person (she was naturally born that way) --- making her appear as a firmly determined, strong-willed person.

In reality the late Cory was simply a one-track brain individual; there are millions of others that share the same brain as the late Cory -- born and later bred to become unaccepting of explanation, reason, qualification, argument except her own. Once Cory and her like-minded one-track brain individuals form an opinion about something, there is no use bending her. She would simply not accept it. It was not Cory’s fault she was born like that, however, but it certainly did not qualify her greatly for the job of president.

A one-track brain person is just short of an idiot, or idiot savante (but an idiot nonetheless). This characteristic is not handed down to someone born under different circumstances. But the effect of the said characteristic of a person on others is extremely huge. It can turn people born to parents with one-track brains into abnormal children growing up to become dysfunctional adults.

However, while Cory suffered her dyslexia in silence and in secret, this serious health abnormality of a Philippine president was upstaged by her terminal illness when she was no longer in Malacañang, her alleged colon cancer that she supposedly died from.

Now our would-be president Noynoy appears to be fully cured of his ailment if it is true he was born with autism. Possibly this is due to very expensive treatment by foreign doctors. However, this could be open-ended. It might be the reason why Noynoy cannot take on girl friends (or boy friends?) for a lengthy period of time. This could also be the reason why Sen. Panfilo Lacson is vehemently against Kris for opposing the possible, if impossible, union of his former secretary (Ms. Shalani Soledad) and Noynoy. Kris is also against Noynoy marrying anyone, for fear that “it might complicate things.” Kris did not elucidate on the matter about the “things.”

There is a danger however remote, that he might lapse into an autistic fit and die or kill / cause the death by accident of, the one he is immediately next to.

Now our sneaky little devil Lacson should stop all that bullshit about Shalani and Noynoy getting engaged and marrying. Everybody knows that Senadora Doctora Luisa “Loi” Pimentel Ejercito is mad at Tita Ping for being a first rate bugaw. Tita Ping likes match making. When he sees a person with a good job and with much to offer, like the United States Drug Enforcement Agency resident agent in the Philippines, Tita Ping always makes it a point to bugaw a girl for that high official. You never know when you might need a favor someday, right? Or you never know what your bubwit girl can chismis to you about the man to whom Tita made bugaw her to.

Noynoy should be left alone by Tita, you never know if he will just suddenly get trapped, be killed, figure in an accident if and when Tita gets wind of his activities that could threaten Tita’s well-being or harm her nice complexion. And Shalani will be better off leaving Noynoy alone to his devices.

Perhaps Noynoy is really cured, for he is even now into extreme games. The aspirant president is an aficionado of dangerous high powered guns, among other lethal weapons. Noynoy is a member of an exclusive gun owners’ club made up of young and adult filthy rich chinese in the Philippines. The suppliers of this exclusive gun club are chinese gun runners one of whom is a certain Jonathan Yu, a huge, fat fellow who share the house with his dad and a huge real life predator pet shark in a giant aquarium. (Who ever keeps sharks for pets?) Jonathan is a big time gun runner living in the vicinity of the Tatalon, Araneta Ave. area in Quezon City. This guy has a large firing range where Noynoy and his chinese, other friends troop to and shoot their deadly weapons. Guess who else is invited to Jonathan’s house? Big time police officials and the daughter of former Vice Pres. Tito G! What a crowd they make!

This Jonathan is no ordinary gun runner. He is not only close to the political enemies of the Lady by the Pasig River, but he gets his protection from big guns of the PNP as well as the AFP and the NBI.

Jonathan and Noynoy associate with their fellow chinese or half-chinese -- possibly many of them are even tied up to drug trafficking syndicates operating in the country. Who would know? They’re too exclusive, you can’t get inside their circles easy.

Despite the so-called gun shooting and gun lover macho image of Noynoy, it is said that he is a homosexual. Of course, it’s not true, Shalani and Tita Ping will say.

The strong personality of his mother, Cory could not have caused Noynoy to become heterosexual but an aberrant in his sexual behavior. Like Kris who tremendously enjoys having sex specially with very old men.

At present, Noynoy, to prove his virility and masculinity further aside from shooting high powered guns, is said to be living-in with a bold star, a certain BARBARA MILANO.

The problem with Noynoy being President, is that there will be more than the six Little Presidents of the late Ronald Allan Kelly POE FPJ if and when he wins. As an autistic, Noynoy’s decisionmaking will be left to no less than one hundred Little Presidents in and out of Malacañang starting from the numerous sisters, brothers-in-law, nephews, nieces, and the factotums of Cory, associates of the late Sen. Benigno Aquino, Jr., etc.

Mar, the one of two Manuel the Thirds

Sen. Manuel A. Roxas II Mar, is the publicly known son of Sen. Gerardo Roxas and the grandson of Pres. Manuel Acuña Roxas. The subject also publicly affirms he is actually a grandson of Pres. Roxas.

Out of circumstances in the past, Mar became a homosexual. In the present time, especially under the influence of liquor, the subject confesses to close friends and associates his real trans-gender status. Subject however is publicly willing to shed the image of a homosexual by widely making it known he is engaged to and will wed Ms. Korina Sanchez on October 23, 2009.

Mar has real blood relatives not formally recognized by the Roxas clan or if ever, grudgingly. The painful story of Mar’s grandfather and the secret love of his life, as well as his unpopular children by wedlock, is said to be among the issues that caused psychological hang-ups in Mar and his own father. Mar’s namesake, since leaving school, lived a relatively hermetic life preferring to be known as a “creative writer.”

Mar’s own grandfather, did not love his own wife, Doña Trinidad De Leon from Bulacan. Instead, his one and true love was foreigner, an Irish girl, Ms. Juanita McIlvain, with whom he even had children but was forced not to marry due to the demands of his relatives and political expediency.

The Irish lady is the mother of the real Manuel Roxas, Jr. Manny, one of four siblings consisting of Manny, Cielo, Antonio and Charo Roxas. He won in the speech / oratorical contest in Ateneo called “Voice of Democracy.” They lived in Ermita, Manila where Pres. Roxas secretly rented an apartment for his Irish lady love and their children.

Another winner in said oratorical contest is one Francis Moran who became a brother-in-law of Manny.

The wife of Francis is the sister of Manny. Manny's sister's and Francis Moran’s child, Margarita "Margie" Moran, was the first Miss Universe, and is the true granddaughter of Pres. Manuel Roxas who now resides in Mindanao as Mrs. Tony Floreindo.

Mar’s father grew up in a loveless environment and this too had a debilitating effect on young Mar.

The worse psychological pain Mar had to suffer is that possibly he is not a real Roxas. His paternity is not in question, but his grand paternity is totally in doubt.

When Doña Trinidad De Leon Roxas married Mar’s grandpa, Manuel, she was already pregnant with the son of Pres. Manuel Luis Quezon y Molina.

Doña Trinidad became pregnant with Quezon’s child while Quezon was already the husband of Doña Aurora Aragon. With the promise by Quezon that Roxas will be made Speaker of the House of Representatives, Roxas was forced to marry Doña Trinidad in an arranged marriage even if there was no love between them.

Gerardo “Gerry” De Leon Roxas, who became a senator, the son of the President (Manuel Roxas), is not really the son of Pres. Roxas.

Sen. Gerry Roxas is most probably the son of Quezon. Therefore, he is not a Roxas but a Quezon. Mar Roxas is supposed to be Manuel "Mar" Araneta Quezon III instead. He is a grandson not of Pres. Roxas but of the president preceding him. Despite the fact, the arrangement forced the late president to make Gerry bear the Roxas family name and Mar thereafter.

The problem with the Quezon blood is that the late President’s Junior, Manuel “Nonong” Aragon Quezon, Jr., is a homosexual and Quezon may have passed down this quirk in his genes down to Mar therefore the subject also became a homosexual probably without even knowing that he will become one and just started feeling that he was actually a girl, instead of a man.

It is also no wonder, that his “cousin,” Manuel Quezon III, who is in media, is also another homosexual, or as he prefers to call himself, a “BADING.”

If Mar will use his real grandpaternity, he will share the same name, the same gender with the self-professed “BADING” Manuel Luis C. Quezon III (The Explainer), they share the same eye condition (both wear prescription eye glasses) except they do not share the same middle names. Because Mar Roxas’ middle name is Araneta while the other one (The Explainer) bears the middle name of Casas (mother, Lourdes “Lulu” Casas Quezon). They don’t also share the same nicknames because as everybody knows, The Explainer’s nickname is Manolo and Manuel Roxas III’s nickname is Mar.

A large number of old-timers in the Liberal Party and real, true-to-life neighbors of the late Pres. Manuel A. Roxas, Sr. know this fact. Even perhaps Noynoy since he comes from a line of old-timer Liberals whose family friends are also old-timer Liberals.

The question over whether Noynoy will use Mar largely in the campaign is passé. Noynoy has the cards lined up against Mar.

An autistic president if that, and a gay vice president who is mistakenly bearing the surname Roxas. What more could be a livelier combination?

But riding like the world's greatest opportunists on the so-called gains-gains kuno of revolution, gains-gains kuno of democracy, icon-icon kuno of democracy, ay sus! Wala naman silang pinaghirapan!!! Tapos lahat tayo for the second time, the nth time, pahihirapan na naman!!!

Oy, tumigil tigil nga kayo, mga abnormal at mga peke ang apelyidong may duda pa ang kasarian!!!

Mga balasubas kayo!!!

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