Sunday, April 2, 2006

Govt overthrow plotters forcing issue

Jose Marcelo Ejercito a/k/a Estrada / Erap and his minions are on the news for saying that they launched a parallel signature campaign to drive out the chief executive and hold a snap elections.

a/k/a Estrada / Erap claims the 11 million voters that propelled him to an artificial presidency (for 3 years - being the subject of an illegal deal) will be targeted for signing by him and his group.

it appears that it is really high time for the former president that sticks a cigar in his mouth like it were his mascot, and the inner circle of a/k/a Estrada to be queried about the deal to make a/k/a Estrada president.

it seems that it is now the time for people to know that a/k/a Estrada was not really voted to power. his election was marred by millions of election law violations. his 11 million votes are hollow. the deal makers included the transfer of 3-4 billion pesos intended for the ruling party --- then lakas nucd umdp --- on the last few days of the elections to be delivered to the enemy camp instead (a/k/a Estrada's camp --- the partido ng masang pilipino).

comelec registrars were bought left and right, voters were bought in the same manner, a large number of votes were disenfranchised, a/k/a Estrada's enemies were absolutely buried in an artificial avalanche of support for a/k/a Estrada in the media, in surveys, etc.

as they say, there is time for everything. henceforth, now is the time for people to know, that the Ejercito presidency was a sham and his majority was a simple victory of fraud over right, of the triumph of falsifications, disenfranchisements over the lesser capable other presidential candidates.

history will bear out that the former chair, now chair emeritus of lakas cmd (new name of lakas nucd umdp) was not kind to de venecia by duping him and throwing the private contributors' and government's support instead to ejercito. whereas, ejercito keeps claiming up to now that he is a "majority president", he is merely a hollow freak. his brother merely happened to be ex-lakas chair's very bossom buddy since childhood and a number of the people in between them are very closely linked to each other in various ways, not excluding corruption, and worse crimes that include those bordering in terrorism.

a/k/a estrada's group, following his pal the late ronald allan kelly poe has entered into a pact with the devil: it signed agreements with the communists in the country to turn the government into a communist-rightist led regime.

combining the two irreconciliable political groups would be a total social, politico-economic disaster for the country. the philippines will be in worse condition that it was in the time of fake president a/k/a estrada (whose 'presidential' identity in the first place is a pseudonym).

the communists since 1960s have engaged in a massive recruitment of priests, nuns and seminarians to become their mouthpieces on the pulpit, specially in the countrysides. they have recruited doctors, engineers and other professionals. they have recruited and have infiltrated nearly ten of the largest labor blocs in their own respective industries --- air, sea, land transport and agri-industry labor, media and printing, water, banking, hotels and tourism etc.

but by far, the worst kind of influence as well as the most damage wrought upon the country emanates from the leftist clergy and left-infiltrated labor. these two weak havoc on culture and the economy.

to top these all, a/k/a estrada welcomed the widow of the late sen. benigno aquino's overtures for a joint undertaking to grab power from the government. probably mrs. aquino, who is suffering from acute dyslexia, thinks that she and her factotums can still make a dent in the rabblerousing department.

necessarily, the people deserve to know. they have the right to be told of a/k/a estrada's farce.

perhaps, no amount of conditioning by the paid-for corrupt media and their spin doctors can continue to fool the country any longer.